Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wrapping up a consulting engagement at a great dealership with an incredible team of talented people. Cheers!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Using Twitter Tip No.3 - Here is tip...

Using Twitter Tip No.3 - Here is tip No.3 to make sure you're making the most of Twitter for your business. So far ...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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Here is tip # 1 to make sure you?re making the most of Twitter for your business.

Business today has turned and abrupt one hundred eighty degrees in the 24 years I’ve been out here trying to ink out a living. The discussions now being had are focused more on digital media and social marketing. It’s no longer a situation of do I really need to be on Facebook or Twitter, it’s what do I do now that I’m there. In this new age of dynamic soup marketing, you have to provide relevant and timely content, but you can also gain incredible insights if you just know what to listen for.

Try these ideas on how to get more out of Twitter than just a one hundred forty character howdy.

Who’s Talking About You? People are constantly communicating about companies and products across their social space, providing ample opportunity for quality engagement with customers and potential customers. Setup a Twitter Advanced Search to begin tracking key words which reflect your brand, products, locations, etc., including common misspellings and slang terms for these items. (

If you are unsure of which key words to track, use Google Analytics to learn commonly used names and terminology, and make sure to include those keywords and phrases in your brand tracking. Look well beyond the norm and track any common and timely terms in your industry or profession. (

When you see an attention-grabbing post about your business or something you sell, become part of the conversation to give live-time help, thanks, accolades or condolences. If the post is negative, don’t shy away, use this as an opportunity to turn a vocal enemy into a rabid fan. Post on relevant tweets to share your expertise or anecdotes, but remember be a part of the conversation, not a carnival barker. “I couldn’t agree more and have had the same experience”, not, “Look what we just got in.”

Use Twitter as your ‘in the moment’ focus group. You can listen and learn from the discourse as much as participate in it. Make sure you have the process and resources in place to do this the right way. Always under promise and over deliver!

Stay tuned for the next few tips on Targeting, Tracking, Measuring and Optimizing…